Dr. Alexis Rohou and Prof. Erdmann Spiecker
EM-X International Symposiums 2023

Dr. Rohou: Catalyzing drug discovery with cryoEM & Prof. Spiecker: Twist enables superlubric sliding in bilayer graphene

Dr. Alexis Rohou & Prof. Erdmann Spiecker


About Dr. Alexis Rohou & Prof. Erdmann Spiecker

Dr. Alexis Rohou and Prof. Dan Gianola

Dr. Rohou is a Senior Principal Scientist in the department of Structural Biology at Genentech and the Director of its cryoEM group. Following a PhD in structural biology from Imperial College London, he specialized in algorithm and software development for single-particle cryoEM during his postdoctoral career at the HHMI (Brandeis University and Janelia Research Campus). At Genentech, his cryoEM group supports drug discovery and basic research across several therapeutic areas; he supports a large number of projects and aims to solve structures of protein targets bound by small molecules, antibody fragments, or peptides. He specializes in methods development for cryoEM and in its applications to drug discovery.

Prof. Erdmann´s research interest centers around defects in crystalline materials and their impact on materials properties. With his group he applies advanced and in situ microscopy techniques to study defects like dislocations, planar faults and interface structures in a variety of materials ranging from 2D materials to thin functional films to high temperature superalloys.

Audience: Public